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Automatic Sliding Door
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INTRUST automatic door, moreover known as an auto door or sensor door, INTRUST automatic door that opens consequently, ordinary on detecting the approach of a person.

How to works automatic door:
INTRUST Auto Door needs a sensor that identifies when the door must open. When the sensor recognizes a signal, it at that point sends a data to the door working component. After accepting that data, the instrument opens the door by motorization.

The major component of automatic door:
• Motor
• Sensor
• Controller
• Power supply
• Hanger
• Pulley
• Belt
• Wheel
• Push/Remote (optional)
Types of automatic doors:
a. Sliding Door: There are two types of sliding door: 1st one double opening and 2nd one is single opening. For this type of door standard Height is 7/8 feet and Length is 7/8 feet. (It’s can customized as per requirement). Perfect for two-way activity. This type door is very popular in Bangladesh
b. Swing Door: Perfect for one-way activity, programmed swinging door open from either in or out side.
c. Revolving Door: There are several types of revolving door we have, based on requirement it will design for 2 wing, 3 wing, 4 wing. Perfect for high-traffic area, Like 5 star hotel, InTrusT automatic revolving door empower synchronous exit and passage.

Benefits of automatic doors:
We’ve established how automatic doors work, but now let’s understand why that matters. Why should you care about automatic doors, and why are they worth the investment?

Some of the benefits of automatic doors include:

• Energy savings: Automatic doors can help preserve conditioned air and therefore reduce your building’s heating and cooling costs.
• Touchless entry: With an automated door, no one has to touch shared surfaces like door handles. This helps prevent the spread of germs.
• Convenience: People always appreciate the convenience of hands-free building entry, especially when carrying grocery bags, wrangling their kids, or bringing home a new piece of heavy furniture.
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