Suchem Industries

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Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. R. B. Shah
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Chemical, Ferrous Chemical Compound, Magnesium Chemical Compound, Nickel Chemical Compound and many more. These are widely used in Dyes & Intermediates, Agriculture Inputs, Anti-Fungicide and Electroplating prime coat purposes.
Procured From Highly Reliable Vendors, We Use High Grade Raw Material In The Manufacturing Process That Includes Metal Scrap, Ash, Oxides And Carbonates. These Help In Making Qualitative Copper Sulphate, Copper Carbonate, Copper Acetate And Cuprous Oxide. Copper Sulphate Is Very Useful In Controlling Tadpole Shrimps In Flooded Rice Fields And As A Sewer Treatment To Destroy Roots. To Cater To The Requirements Of Pigment Industry, Agricultural Industry And Chemical Industry, We Manufacture And Export Quality Material.

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Cobalt Minerals cobalt sulphate cobalt oxide Cobalt Minerals Manufacturer Cobalt Compounds Manufacturer Copper sulphate Copper sulphate Powder Manufacturer Ferrous Sulphate Powder Ferrous Minerals Manufacturer Magnesium Minerals Magnesium Sulphate anhydrous Magnesium Compund Manufacturer Sodium Molybdate Nichel Minerals Manufacturer Nichel Fluoride Powder Supplier Potassium Compounds Manufacturer Sodium Selenite Sodium Minerals Manufacturer Zinc Chloride Manufacturer EDTA Chelates Manufacturer Borax Powder Manufacturer
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