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Jobin Padinjarekkara
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Snapshooter photography located at Perumbavoor, Ernakulam displays the best moments of life. Snapshooter photography was founded in the year 2014 by Jobin Padinjarekkara. We are a team of highly talented professionals who followed their passion of photography at a very young age. We are very much dedicated to our work and tries to express ones feelings and emotions through all frames. We have a very zealous eye and a supernatural ability of capturing magical moments and frames which brings a smile to your face or tears in your eye or even leaves you speechless. And that is our unique specialty. We have great confidence in providing the best of our services on your special day. Wedding photography is all about the details. Our lenses are so modified to unify in with the ambiance, understand your emotions and capture all the candid moments. We, the team members would love to be part of your wedding and astonish you with vibrant pictures. Your wedding will be covered by our in-house photography and videography team that understands the importance of a wedding and its rituals. Photography signifies reality as it captures the information of a scene in detail. In photography there is a reality so restrained that it becomes more genuine than reality. Photography is an art of imitating reality as our eyes see it, but further about taking our special inventive version of the reality and the way a camera is used to capture it. The photographer encourages their own inventive visualization into the scene, to capture it as they see it in their mind, and produce an image that is unique, distinctive, and special.
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