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Gaining knowledge in chemistry

Defining is an activity that is closely related to chemical terms, especially quantities. When defining, a short version of the term content is formulated - . Often you first enter the superordinate term (a generic term).
The concept is by defining for him essential , common features determined and distinguished from other terms. 

Defining is an activity that is closely related to chemical statements or quantities - . The definition should be clear and appropriate and not contradict other definitions. 

You can proceed as follows when defining:

  • Name the generic term !

  • Name the species- forming characteristics !

Define the term redox reaction!

Redox reactions belong to the chemical reactions - homework helper science . Redox reactions in the broader sense are characterized by the fact that an electron transfer takes place. A reaction partner releases electrons and is oxidized in the process. Another reaction partner accepts electrons and is reduced in the process. In a redox reaction, reduction (electron uptake) and oxidation (electron release) always take place at the same time.

The generic term in this definition is “chemical reaction”. The species-forming characteristics are named below.

A definition of terms can also be done in such a way that one enumerates which things are meant by a term. 

Define the term particle!

Particles are atoms, ions and molecules.

Definitions can also result from contexts, in particular from experimental investigations. It is not always possible to clearly distinguish whether a given equation is a definition or a law . That can only be seen from the context. 

How can the quantity density be defined?

From experimental studies it is known that there is a directly proportional relationship between the mass and the volume for one and the same substance:

m ~ V

This relationship can also be formulated as an equation.

m / V = constant

This then results in one possibility of defining the quantity density: The density indicates the mass of each volume unit of a substance. This definition can also be formulated as an equation.

In the case of scientific units , definitions are sometimes a way of describing complex, complex units in a short form. 

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